Product Catalog

Check out our product catalog with second clothes, shoes, accessories and household items to get a better understanding of our products.

Here you will find over 250 used clothing items from categories like: outerwear, pullovers, t-shirts, shirts, jeans and trousers, skirts and dresses, sportswear, children clothing, shoes, accessories, household rummage and more.

Our products are sorted for different seasons, men only, women only or children only, mixed by theme or purpose.

The second hand items are graded in Extra, 1st , A and B quality grades. Here you can find description of our quality grading criteria.


A good product deserves a proper package. Most of the higher quality grade second hand clothes are not just thrown in the bags. They are folded and carefully placed one over the other in the bag before closing.

The different second hand clothing products come in various type and size of packages depending on the product’s specifics.

We strive to provide you with well packed products in durable and convenient for transport and storage packaging.

You can see more info for each package type in the tabs below.

Weight: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kg (depending on the products’ specifics)

Size of a shoe bag: 75 x 130 cm

Material: Woven polypropylene

Aplication: The bags are used mainly for items that are not suitable for baling like used shoes, handbags, belts or for used clothing of higher quality grades.

Weight: 40, 45, 50 or 55 kg (you may pick the best suitable option for your market)

Size of a box bag: 80 x 48 x 30 cm (it takes 2 box bags to form a bale. The thickness of the bale depends on the type of baled items)

Material: Woven polypropylene

Aplication: The small bales are used for packing most of the second hand clothes when using container as a transport. They are a great way to optimize the loading space and the weight of the container while receiving a product in a shape and form for easy storage and quantity management.

Weight: 350 kg to 450 kg (depends on the items baled)

Size of a big box bag: 120 x 80 x 70 cm (it takes 2 box bags to form a bale. The thickness of the bale depends on the type baled products)

Material: Woven polypropylene

Aplication: The big bales are mainly utilized for items of lower quality and rags/wipers.


Here’s a brief description of how to read the labels of our products:


Article Number


Article Short Name


Quality Grade


Size of the package


Admitted Deviation in Size



How to Order Second Hand Clothes From Eurotex

New customers

First of all if you haven’t been to one of our warehouses we strongly suggest to visit the closest one to you and talk to our wholesale experts. There you can examine the quality of our second hand clothing assortment and discuss your needs with our team of professionals to find the best solutions for your business.

No matter whether you are just planning to start a second hand clothing business or if you are experienced entrepreneur we are always there for you to assist.

Once you have a good perception of our products you can always call or send an email to the warehouse team of your preference to check for available quantities and latest prices of our second hand clothing.

Even if a particular product is currently out of stock the colleagues will let you know the options and request a delivery for you.

Loyal customers

As a loyal customer you can make an order for items that will be delivered to the warehouse of your choice just for you. The products will be reserved and waiting for you to pick them up in a convenient time. No need to clutter in front of the warehouse in the day of restocking and wait for the delivery truck.

Order form

A convinient way of making your orders is to pick what you need from the product catalog and add each item with its quantitty to your request list. When you send it you’ll have a copy of it in your email and we’ll contact you back with the latest prices and quantites available of our used clothing.